Whether your company is a small business or a large corporation, one of the essential items in the office is a conference table. Not only is it useful to your business, it can express your style to prospective customers and partners. Set the tone right, with the right furniture.

The conference table serves multiple functions. It is a place to meet new or prospective clients. It is the spot where deals are negotiated and contracts are signed. Great discussions, brainstorming meetings and of course luncheons, almost always take place in the boardroom at the conference table.

Being such an important part of the office, naturally, there will be several things to consider before making the final purchase.

Size of the Conference Room

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Not all conference room tables are created equal. Small circular tables create a more intimate feel. Lengthy conference room tables are able to accommodate large groups of people. Of course, there is also everything in between. The first consideration, therefore, must be the size of the room that it will be in. If the room is rather small, will this be the long-term location or will plans for expansion make the space short-lived? The answer to this question determines whether or not to make the purchase specifically for this room or to delay the decision until a more permanent location is established.

Regardless, knowing the size of the room where the conference table resides is paramount. When measuring the size of the room, make sure to account for chair movement. Be aware of different sized people and figure in ample clearance to walk around a table. It is a good idea to plan for at least 5 feet on all sides of a new table. This additional space allows for ease of access to chairs anywhere in the conference room.

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Conference Table Shape

Conference room tables can say as much about a company as the business itself. The type of activities that take place around the table determine what shape of table best suits the company’s needs.

Round tables create a feeling of closeness and friendliness. They allow for equality and balance of power between all parties involved. They typically seat a smaller group of people and are more easily tucked into a modest space while still remaining comfortable.

Rectangular tables are a popular traditional style but a few variations created of late may be more suitable. Manufacturers of modern conference tables tend to take ergonomics into account when designing them.

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Oval conference tables have the length of rectangular ones without the sharp corners. Psychologists believe this subtle but distinct alteration leads to a more relaxing atmosphere in the room.

A boat-shaped table makes an interesting twist on the regular long rectangular shape or oval. The idea behind this concept is that participants can view presentations on a screen without having to strain to look past another person.

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Table Size

There are a number of factors in determining size. How many people will your conference table typically need to accommodate? A major factor is the size of the corporation. Is it for a small company with all employees having access to the boardroom and conference table? Is it for a large corporation with only board members using the conference room on a regular basis? How many staff members work there? How many board members are there?

What’s Your Style?

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When selecting to the type of conference table for your company, you should also take into account the table’s style. The style reflects the company’s taste and statement. Now, more than ever, there are so many to choose from. In keeping with the whole theme of the office, think about what ties into the decor. Traditional style tables, typically made of wood with a rich color tone and classic design, make a bold statement. Often crafted of solid wood, their time-honored look lends an air of corporate business.

The modern conference table, however, can be just about anything you want. Some of the more contemporary styles, made of glass and metal, present a clean, sleek styling. A combination of a laminate top with customized legs make up another stylish choice. Even the finishes are optional. When it comes to the design of the modern conference table, the only limit is the imagination.


When the time arrives to look for a conference table for sale, the final determining factor is often the price. Taking all other aspects of design, taste, and size into consideration, you have to come up with a price the company is able to pay. Planning ahead and creating a budget will help to find the table most suited to the company’s needs. Include time allowances for researching, planning and selecting the table.

Although sticking to a budget is wise, if it means compromising on your needs or desires, it might be reasonable to hold off on the purchase until more funds are available. You ultimately want to have a conference table that is appealing and welcoming to any visitor or board member. It may also help make a sale or close a deal.

When all factors have been taken into consideration, it is time to seek out the professional who can provide you with the final product. Companies such as Furniture Factory LLC specialize in working with you to make your business look good. Servicing clients in the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania market, they provide new office furniture for corporate clients across all industries. They specialize in helping clients in Health Care, Educational, and Home Office industries but no job is too small. They are committed to providing quality service with honesty, value, and timely completion.


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