A corner computer desk is an essential component of a home or commercial office. The desks come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs and materials. Corner computer desks can also be customized to suit the space and usability requirements of each buyer.

They range from the simple small corner computer desk with just enough room to hold a laptop, to the larger and more elaborate ones that include space for writing and filing. Corner desks can have as many as a dozen drawers and shelves, or none at all.

Choosing the right computer corner desk isn’t always a straightforward process especially when you start to see the vast array of options at your disposal. The following factors can help you make the right decision.

Corner Computer Desk: Laptop versus Desktop

Laptops may have seen increasingly greater use in offices over the years. The majority of office workstations still use desktop computers. Your type of computer can determine which desk is best for you.

A corner computer desk built for desktops tends to be sturdy and large in order to comfortably hold the heavier weight while leaving sufficient room for paperwork. Such desks will also usually have a lower shelf to hold the PC tower.

Laptop corner desks, on the other hand, are often thinner, sleeker, more lightweight and compact. In fact, they are sometimes little more than a stand and can be moved with ease.

Desk Size

Whereas laptops and desktops can determine the size of a corner desk, they are certainly not the only consideration. The size of the desk can vary significantly even when meant to hold the same type of computer.

To ensure you get the right unit, take appropriate measurements of the area the desk will be placed. Make sure the corner desk you buy is a good fit and will not obstruct doors, windows or walkways. Where possible, sit at the desk before you buy in order to get a feel of the leg room and the height. Taller persons will naturally need more leg room so make sure this is factored in.



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Think about your storage needs. How many drawers and shelves does the desk have? The more drawers the better but only up to a point. A corner desk with few drawers is visually appealing but not always practical. On the other hand, a corner computer desk with hutch as well as numerous drawers will appear cluttered and busy.

To strike the right balance, remember that the corner desk’s storage should only be for holding your most frequently accessed documents and office supplies. Ideally, your office should already have file cabinets and shelves where the bulk of your items are kept.

Desk Material

The material used to make a corner computer desk can determine its weight, visual appeal and price. Wooden desks are popular for multiple reasons. They are organic and breathe life into the room. They also age well. However, wooden corner computer desks tend to be the most expensive and won’t be a feasible option for everyone.

Metal is a less costly alternative. Such desks are more sturdy and easier to clean. Some desks combine wood or metal with a glass or laminate top. This delivers a modern and sleek look. The cheapest small corner computer desk is made from particle board or plastic. It is lightweight and best suited for students and other users who are regularly on the move.

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Ready-to-Assemble vs. Pre-Assembled

Corner computer desks may either be sold as ready-to-assemble or pre-assembled units. There are pros and cons to each so it’s best to understand what’s involved before choosing either. Pre-assembled corner desks are more likely to have higher quality craftsmanship and finish. The desks are made at the factory or workshop where a deep variety of professional supplies and tools are at the worker’s disposal.

On the downside, pre-assembled corner desks are more expensive, require more space during transportation and may be difficult to maneuver past narrow doorways. Ready-to-assemble desks have a boring, simple and cookie-cutter feel. They are also structurally weaker. However, they are cheaper to buy and easier to ship.


Ergonomics are the features of office furniture that make them easier, safer and more compatible with the user. Whereas numerous characteristics of a desk determine their ease of usability and their ability to facilitate efficient working, certain aspects of a small corner computer desk are worth paying extra attention to.

For instance, the structure of a desk can cause health problems that are painful and costly in the long-term. If you’ll be using a desktop computer, prioritize corner desks that have a sliding keyboard tray. These reduce wrist strain and ensure the user’s arms are always at a 90-degree angle.

Another crucial factor is that the top or middle of the monitor should be at the user’s eye level to encourage proper posture. An adjustable desktop can come in handy where it is anticipated that the corner computer desk will be used by persons of unusual height.

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Tying it all Together

A good corner computer desk can help you better organize your workspace. Take time to evaluate the full range of corner desk designs at your disposal to identify the one that will provide the best blend of functionality and comfort. Contact a reputable office supply or furniture retailer such as Furniture Factory, LLC. They will assist you in finding that perfect desk for your needs.


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