Walk into any modern office building today, and you will be amazed at the custom furniture that adorns the space. Days of drab and boring stereotypical office furniture are long gone. There have been drastic changes to workspaces in offices. Many are leaning towards an environment that is stimulating and engaging.

A growing need to embrace individuality and creating unique company culture has led to the more frequent use of custom office furniture. This provide a way for companies to express their uniqueness. Others have taken to using their custom-made furniture to impact how their clients and potential clients perceive them. A company that is looking for functional yet stylish office space can always depend on custom furniture makers to fulfill their needs.

Many have made the mistake of underestimating the importance of office furniture to a space, workers in that space, and those that visit the business. When it comes to office design, a lot of emphasis is put on furniture and decorations. It is important to work hand in hand with the custom furniture maker so that you can create functionality and something that you will love.

Benefits of Custom Furniture

What are some benefits of getting your furniture custom made?

Well for one, you get the opportunity to stamp your company’s core vision wholly. You do so by bringing to life the values that your company lives by and your unique branding. Draw your clients in by creating a space that will forever be etched on their brains.

Design sitting areas unique to your brand, or you can have a unique piece of custom wood furniture that spells out what your company is all about. Accent pieces can add a sense of elegance to space. Custom furniture makers can give you that unique edge that your company needs to stand out from the rest.

Another benefit of custom furniture is that it can be a source of motivation for those who work in a custom-made workspace. Get your employees’ creative juices flowing by custom making their furniture so that it can encourage their imagination. Custom made furniture also makes the employees feel like they are part of something worthwhile. Considering what your employees prefer in their workspaces creates a sense of belonging. Doing so makes them feel that they are a valued essential aspect of the company. It thus motivates them to perform better at their work.

The sentimental value created by custom-made furniture is an added benefit as it fuels innovation in the way one comes up with the piece. It contributes a lot to how it looks and feels.

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Things to Know When Going the Custom Furniture Way

Below is some insider knowledge that will help you decide whether you want to custom make your furniture or buy it from a store.

Determine a time frame for the design of your custom furniture. It takes time for a concept to become an actual piece of work. Putting into consideration drafting of the plan, getting and cutting of the materials, revising the designs and finishing, it might take between a week and eight weeks depending on the number of pieces.

Price does not matter. Pricing of store furniture might have other factors playing into the price. Depending on your custom design, it might be expensive or cheaper than a store-bought one.

You can use pictures of pieces you have seen to get some inspiration on designing your custom furniture. Do not try to get the designer to make a knockoff of a piece of custom furniture you saw somewhere. It is unethical and unprofessional.

If you can use an environmentally friendly material for your custom furniture, that’s even better.

The beauty of custom furniture is that it is ONLY you who will have that kind of furniture. Most of the furniture in stores is mass-made.

Keep in mind that you should have a payment plan that works well for you as well as the designer. It is preferable to pay a deposit amount after consulting with the designer. Then you can pepper out the other payments in two or three steps.

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Pros and Cons of Custom Furniture

There are always pros and cons to any decision you will make. Custom furniture is no different. When you are looking for custom furniture advice, though, find a trusted source such as Furniture Factory LLC.


  • The custom furniture is unique to the owner and shows off their individuality.
  • As the client, you have freedom of choice when it comes to how big the furniture can be, the materials used, the colors and all the small details.
  • You will get a quality product that is well worth the money you paid.


  • Getting custom furniture from its initial stage to final product takes time.
  • Custom furniture cannot be easily changed due to the amount of time and initial expense of crafting it.
  • The end product might not be to the client’s size forcing them to be stuck with something that they did not have in mind. (This can be alleviated by using a good, proven contractor.)

Creating Your Custom Space

Whether you are redecorating your home office, or furnishing a start-up, there is a lot to take into consideration. Finding a reputable and trustworthy source is essential. Shop around. Decide on a basic look or feeling for your spaces. Then allow a custom designer to take your vision and turn it into a reality.


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