Are you a cubicle dweller stuck spending a third of your day at the office? The typical office cubicle experience can be downright depressing, but it doesn’t have to be. There is nothing worse than being sentenced to stare at the drabness of your cubicle walls for eight to ten hours at a time.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of office cubicles. Celebrate the occasion by breaking the monotony and transforming your office cubicle decor to make your workplace feel more like home.

Harmonizing Your Office Cubicle Decor

Add a theme to your desk, keyboard, and cubicle walls. This is the first step in coordinating your workspace in a manner that makes it feel like home. Change your desktop design into a work of art to accent the overall theme of your office cubicle decor. For example, if you have several plants around the cubicle, why not add a digital plant to the mix?

Need a creative way of keeping your laptop or keyboard from sliding all over your desk? Exchange your normal desk blotter for a welcome mat, rug, or sampling of leftover carpet from home. Then add a desk plate with a quirky title, nickname, or perhaps a small quote. A reminder of the fact that you are an individual and more than just another dweller of office cubicles.

Add a room divider, old-fashioned swinging double door, or a privacy screen to fix this particular issue. You can also transform the theme of office cubicles by turning the filing cabinet into something fun and creative. Try using leftover fabric, wallpaper, or paint that matches the rest of your office cubicle decor.

Adding a Little Home Comfort to Your Cubicle


Image from Furniture Factory, LLC used with permission

Add a custom chair, seat cushion, a color-coordinated seat cover which goes along with your overall cubicle decor, or all. This will go a long way in transforming your office cubicle into a pleasant and comfortable workspace. Throw blankets and fuzzy slippers are incredible items easily added to office cubicles to raise comfort levels.

An entrance or area rug is also a great idea. What better way to bring home to work than with a retired welcome mat from your very own front porch? Or, you can purchase one that goes along with the theme of your cubicle from a retail store.

A mini heater, AC, or fan is just the sort of thing that you should add to your office cubicle. Control your surrounding temperature and raise your personal comfort level. Don’t be that person who is always complaining about the office cubicles being too hot or too cold. Add a USB heater or cooler to your cubicle!

Useful Gadgets for Office Cubicles

Useful Gadgets for Office Cubicles

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A USB fridge, dorm sized fridge, or a small food safe will leave would-be food snatchers empty-handed. Protect grandma’s cookies and your favorite energy drinks from being lifted in your absence, get a food safe, a fridge, or both!

Personally, I could never make it through the day without plenty of java. Nothing says “home” like the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Adding a USB coffee pot your cubicle is one of the best moves ever. Who knows, you might even be able to barter for some co-worker’s freshly baked cookies from grandma! Comfort is synonymous with food.

Crafty Items to Perk Up Your Cubicle

Crafty Items to Perk Up Your Cubicle

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There are so many types of crafty items to spruce up office cubicles. Like a chalkboard to prevent a billion sticky notes being posted all over. Or a pegboard with hooks to create a convenient addition to hang things from as well. Another crafty item that will be sure to make you feel at home is a handmade painted canvas (pictured below).

Throwing grandma’s quilt over your chair is a heartwarming touch sure to put you in the mindset of home. Seasonal decorations are also a must if you want to truly bring the spirit of home into the cubicle. That being said, skip the singing Santa, or talking Easter Bunny. Not everyone celebrates the same holidays and too much is just not polite.

Arts and Other Ideas for Cubicle Walls

Arts and Other Ideas for Cubicle Walls

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Door Hangers with cool sayings are a lovely touch and will brighten the workday of coworkers passing by. Fake Windows will make you feel that you’re staring out the windows of your home. Add pictures of your children playing in the yard to make this even more personal. Also, Add additional pictures from home to just about any area of your cubicle with relative ease.

Make your office cubicle appear more spacious by hanging a mirror on your cubicle walls. Or, try an array of hanging clipboards in place of a paper organizer. This will save you precious desk space. Posters, photos, and other artwork are all excellent ways to make your cubicle walls more pleasing.

Plants and Pets Appropriate for Office Cubicles

Plants for Office Cubicles

Image CC by 2.0, by Jellaluna, via Flickr

Many types of plants are suitable to bring to work in order to liven up the cubicle. Some, like fresh flowers, or mini greenhouses take a bit of TLC, like sunlight and water every day. Others, like air plants, cactus, and magnet plants require very little attention at all. Faux plants are a great idea for looks and demand zero maintenance altogether.

Normally, there are no rules against having fish tanks in office cubicles. Your vivid fine-finned friends and their neon colored plastic seaweed will add a splash of color to your cubicle. Ant farms are another good idea, especially if for a reminder that things could always be worse. You could be an eight-legged slave working on an ant farm for no pay instead of a cubicle slave.


Featured Image: CC by 2.0, by Hey Paul Studios, via Flickr

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