You may not have thought about a table and bar stools as a space saver for your office, but they are. Read on to discover how adding a simple bar table, and stool set can save the day in a small space.

Not everyone’s lucky enough to have a large office space. With space crunch a consequence of modern lifestyle, offices these days are small and compact (not everyone has an office like Pepper Potts in that Iron Man II movie!). And that isn’t a bad thing at all. A small space with strategically placed tables and bar stools takes less time and effort to maintain and also costs less money. If you are a new business with a small staff, a small space is standard at that point, anyway.

Small doesn’t necessarily mean boring. When your office space is small, a bar and table stool will maximize the space you have. Besides giving your office design an overhaul, you can make some vital changes without maxing out your credit card, and the result should still increase productivity and employee happiness.

Did you know that table and bar stools could help you save space and add style to your office environment? Here are a few pieces of furniture that could help you maximize your office space while adding some style.

Space Saving Tables and Bar stools

Chairs often take up a lot of space, especially when they aren’t in use. When chairs aren’t needed, they are usually lying around the office, impeding peoples’ movements, and consuming unnecessary space. This is when you should swap them out for stackable bar stools.

Yes, you read that right. Bar tables and stools are becoming increasingly common in office spaces, where space is a constraint. Today’s bar stools are comfortable, versatile, and can adjustable to the height of the desk. When not in use, they can be stored away in a closet or corner.

Office Barstool

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Corner Desk

Another brilliant way to use tables and bar stools to make the most of the space you have is by having corner desks. The corners of an office usually remain unused, but they can be utilized to maximize your office space. If space is tight for your employees, have corner desks integrated into your office layout. When used with the right chairs or bar stools, corner desks make clever and ergonomic use of the spaces that usually serve no purpose.

Breakaway Tables

A handy piece of furniture in any office is a table. However, when not in use, tables can take up a lot of space. This is why small office spaces should use breakaway tables. Essentially, they are tables that can serve many different uses around the office.

They can be split into smaller desks or joined to make a large table. If your office requires both tables and desks, and they move around frequently, then a breakaway table and bar stools are a notable option. Depending upon the purpose, they can be either broken down or combined to make one large table.

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Standing Desks

Several studies have found that sitting for a long time is bad for your body. People who work in offices are stuck to their chairs for long stretches at a time, possibly leading to physical problems such as backaches, neck pain, and spondylitis.

That is the reason why the demand for standing desks has been growing. Even if you have a small space, you can easily incorporate standing desks into your office design layout. They are a healthier alternative to the traditional chair and table routine, and also keep your employees fit and happy.

Mobile Desks

Aside from clever bar stools and tables, you can also incorporate mobile desks or bar table and stools set into your office space. Mobile desks are versatile and flexible, and can move anywhere easily. This enables you to turn just about any place into a workspace. Laptop tables, desks with wheels, and leaning desks are some popular styles for mobile desks. They either have wheels at the bottom or are light enough to be lifted and carried around.

Multipurpose Shelves

Trendy Office Shelf

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Shelves are an important part of any office, required for storage and decoration. If you select multipurpose shelves, you not only receive plenty of vertical storage space but also can make utilizing the space that would usually remain unused. The extra shelves can be used to store office supplies, books, or qualify for decoration. Since these shelves aren’t fixed, you can easily move them as and when needed. Wheeled shelves make for even more portability.

Regardless of the size of your office, tables and bar stools can be easily accessed to maximize the space you have and also add style and elegance to the space. Foldable and wheeled tables and stackable bar stools are awesome for invoking versatility and flexibility to any office layout. For premium office furniture at competitive prices, get in touch with Furniture Factory LLC.

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